3 Tips to Help Gain Balance in Your Life

Ever feel like life is throwing curve ball after curve ball at you? It can feel impossible at times. We have a plan laid out for our life and BANG, curve ball. These curve balls tend to knock us off our balance, making it feel impossible to move forwards. Though it may feel impossible, this is our chance for growth and opportunity. I am going to share with you 3 things that have helped me embrace curve balls and use them to gain balance in my life.

Tip #1 Get a New Perspective

Easier said than done..

This is going to be hard but once you make that break through, the balance shall begin. We get so wrapped up in our situation that it becomes all we think about. How do we get a new perspective? There isn’t a set rule that you need to follow to change your perspective, but think of it like this: There’s a play with multiple characters, but you only view the story from one characters eyes. Since that one characters knowledge is limited to only what he knows, his perspective will be based on his limited knowledge. We do not know everything but when we think we do, it can feel like there is no way out.

We must remember that we don’t know whats best all the time because we are human! If we think that best thing that ever happen to us was taken away, it would be devastating. But over time we (hopefully) evolve, changing our view on that best thing. Sometimes that best thing turns out to be exactly what was holding us back from achieving the balance we search for.


Tip #2 Meditate

Meditation is key in finding balance in your life. It helps quiet your mind from worries or anxieties and find a sense of peace. Think of it like giving the most inner part of our being a rest from this crazy world we live in. It’s a little TLC for the soul and the soul is where the balance starts. Here is a short 5 tip video on meditation from our friends at Holistic Healthy Living!


Tip #3 Be Thankful

This tip is so important because it holds a lot of power. It can be hard to be thankful sometimes because our hearts become harden from life. Just start with the little things if you feel that way. Thankful that you’re alive, that you had breakfast or were able to take a shower today. We have so much to be thankful for when we start think about it. It brings humility into our everyday life. When we can be thankful for the little things, the big things feel a whole lot bigger.


Following this tips can be hard and everyday will present its own challenges. We only fail when we give up. So I encourage you to keep trying everyday.



The most important thing is to never give up on finding your Balance. There will always be ups and downs. Don’t get stuck. Keep moving forward.