What You Want to Know Before Moving Into an RV

This blog is for anyone who has decided or is thinking about moving into an RV full time. Or as I like to call it, taking a leap of adventure! Moving into a recreational vehicle can seem a bit scary at first but hopefully sharing my experience with you with help you see it’s not so bad after all.

First thing you need to know …

First thing to be determined when getting ready to move into an RV is how much space you will have and where you space is located (inside or in the undercarriage) From there you can kind of get an idea of the space you’ll have for your things.

Mistake #1 for me was prematurely disposing of our things. We knew we were going to have to down size, a lot, so we started early by making weekend trips to goodwill. We even watch the Minimalist documentary on Netflix to get us motivated. But we did this before actually making our purchase and figuring out what kind of space we’ll have. We ended up getting rid of a lot more than we needed to. We are in a 40footer and it’s just the two of us so please take that into consideration, but my point here is to know how much space your going to have before down sizing.

Living in a Cramped Placed?

This was one of my biggest worries about moving into an RV. Will I go crazy in this small space? Sounded a little scary but in turns out it’s quite the opposite. The main reason why is because of our giant windows! They bring in so much light it makes me feel like the outdoors is a part of the home. If this is a concern for anyone you, my solution is to find a way to bring in as much light as possible. Our shower has an amazing sky light which does a great job in doing this. We are even considering adding one to the bedroom.

Moving into an RV

RV Weather Equipped

It is very important to make sure you RV is ready for all seasons! Winters can be brutal in an RV if you don’t have a good heating system, and a back-up. I recommend the Duraflame 1500W infrared heater.

Duraflame Electric Space Heater

Is Glass an Option?

The answer is yes! Truthfully, I personally have broken at least two of our glass since moving in, but all have been safe while traveling in the RV. Our cabinets are lined with a carpet like material that keep the glassware pretty stable. There are also multiple cabinet organizers that can be used to keep them stable.

What’s Cooking like?

Cooking can get a little difficult because counter space is limited, but we can easily work around this. Our dinning table pretty much doubles as the kitchen when were cooking. Surprisingly we cook a lot more than we use to before moving into the RV. The only down side of cooking is the dishes. We do have a double sink which makes doing them a lot easier. I would recommend it for anyone who likes to cook.

Magma Cookware Review

What It’s Like to Drive Your Home

It’s a little freaky driving the RV after officially moving in. The first few trips were a learn as you go kind of process. Velcroeing can be used on any loose items hanging around the RV that don’t have a secure ‘home’, like¬†remotes. Velcro tape was our very best friend! We actually have a book shelf lining a window that stays perfectly when we travel. It can be quite loud if you have loose equipment, for example our our stove top would rattle around but place clothes between them solved the problem.


How to get WiFi When Moving into an RV

We knew this was a vital part to our full-functioning RV life so we did a lot of research before deciding what to do. It is best explained in our tech blog how we did this in depth.

raspi wifi router

Remember …

When moving into an RV, its important to remember the space is what you make it. So if you put in the effort, you can create your own little oasis!