Life on the Road: Six Weeks In

Six Weeks into Life on the Road

It’s only been six weeks living life on the road but it feels like a couple of months. So far, we’ve had some ups and downs, and lots of adventure! I can hardly remember what it is like to live in an apartment complex (only joking!), but we sure don’t miss it. In this blog, I’ll share with you some of those ups and downs to give you some incite on what its like to like in an RV!

Ups …

So far we’ve done quite a bit of traveling, some with the RV and some not. We started our journey December 30th 2017 in Tampa, FL and headed to New Orleans. Here is a little time line of our travels so far.

  • On our way to NOLA, we stopped off to see some friends in Ft Walton beach, FL and then hit Bourbon street for new years eve. We stayed at St. Bernard State park. It was one of the only parks with available spots and was only about 20 – 25 minutes from the French Quarter. Great location and lots of privacy.
  • We stay in NOLA for about a week and half and then started for Texas. We hit south east Texas first, visiting family and then made our way north of Dallas where we found Shady Creek RV Park & Storage. You can read our review in the park review section of the blog
  • Next, we took the car up to For Lake, Wisconsin for some icing fishing where we land a Northern Pike!
  • Then we flew to San Diego to celebrate some family birthdays!

We have made some delicious meals in our tiny kitchen! Before we officially moved in I was concerned that we wouldn’t have enough space in the kitchen to get our cooking groove on, but that’s not the case. We’ve made some amazing meals with our stove top, microwave and toaster oven.

Also got to experience our first thunder storm in the RV, which was pretty exciting because Nick and I both love a good rain storm. The thunder and rain sounds were magnified in the RV and it was awesome! We also got to see how our 2001 Safari Zanzibar withheld the storm and she did great (no leaks or seals broken).


Downs …

These downs are more of a list of ‘rookie mistakes’ for first time full timers, so please enjoy!

  • It was pretty late at night when we pulled into an RV park to stop for the night. Nick was outside hooking up the electric and water while I was inside doing the slides. Next thing I knew I heard a crack, followed by another longer crack … and that was the first thing I broke in the RV. Turns out I didn’t check to make sure everything was clear for the slides to comes out. I know, I know, I won’t make that mistake twice! I ended up cracking an interior wooden panel on the slide, which Nick assured me would be an easy fix.
  • While we were gone there was a freeze and our water filter cracked. We found the parts we needed at a Camping World close by. We ended up killing two birds with one stone by replace the exterior and changing the filter.
  • Lastly, we ended up leaving the water heater on while we were gone and came back home to an empty propane tank! That meant no heat or hot water for us :(. Luckily, Shady Creek has a propane truck come through every Wednesday. They also have clean shower facilities with hot water.

Life on the Road

So far, life on the road is pretty great. Maybe it is because it’s a whole new adventure for us or the fact we have the freedom to travel or even the fact that we’re still newly weds, either way, we’re loving it!