Vivreal Electric Kettle Review

Why an RV Electric Kettle?

Deciding to move to an RV electric kettle was very nearly a no-brainer.  After spending a very cold New Years in Louisiana we knew that we wanted to have a secondary and more efficient method of boiling water so we could save that precious propane for the furnace.  That being so we landed on the Vivreal RV Electric Kettle because of the high reviews on Amazon and the aesthetic appeal (so we can leave it on the counter).

electric kettle


  • Cup measurements listed on kettle
  • Comes with dry boil protection and automatic shut-off
  • Blue light when in use
  • 1500W power
    It can be a bit of a power hog in the RV but when used for such short periods of times, its hardly noticeable.
  • Works extremely fast!
    1L = 4 min., 1.7L (8 cups) = 7 min. to full rolling boil

Final Opinion

Overall, the Vivreal Electric Kettle is a great product. All features work just as advertised. The blue light feature is very attractive and uses durable borosilicate glass. Would highly recommend.  See all of our other reviews and recommendations here.