St. Bernard New Orleans State RV Park Review

Nestled outside of New Orleans is a peaceful nook of state park that is St. Bernard State RV Park in Braithwaite, LA.  Take a look into the park here with this review and learn the pro’s and con’s of this area.

Getting there


If you are coming East or West either way I would suggest this route so you do not have to go through town.  Instead take I-10 to highway 47 and shoot south until it dead ends into 46 at that point you’re pretty close.

The park is far enough outside of the city to avoid the hustle and bustle of downtown traffic but close enough that the drive is not too far to enjoy.  There are actually two options to get into New Orleans from the park – you can take the Belle-Chasse/Scarsdale ferry over the river or take 46 up and around the Mississippi.

The Pro’s


State parks always have some nice points, they are generally consistent in quality, usually pretty quiet, and often a bit lesser on price than some other options.  St. Bernard State Park does well making the park admirable.

The roads are pretty big, making it easy to get the big rig around and there are a good amount of sites (51) with varying amenities for electric.  The dump station is close to the entrance of the camping grounds and is in good shape.

There is a pretty decent sized pool and a separate water playground open Tuesday through Sunday in the right season.

The park is very quiet, in the winter season at least, even during the Sugar Bowl and NYE.

Check out the slideshow below the post for some photos around the park.

The Con’s


In terms of how the park is there really is not a lot to complain about.

However I always like a bit of hiking and fishing which unfortunately there is not a lot of either within the park.  There is a 2 mile hiking trail that goes from one of the park to the other (not a loop).  After speaking with some of the local’s the fishing here is non-existent.

However the Mississippi is right here so if you are in to river fishing and don’t mind going off-site it would not be a far venture to get out there.

If you are here for the long haul just be aware this place has a 15 day stay cap.

For further information check out the park site here.

The Surroundings


This place is a bit outside of most of the major areas but there are still some shops/restaurants near by to take care of necessities.

Grocery Stores


There are a couple options here in terms of grocery stores near by St. Bernard State Park. Right at the top of the road (46 and 39) there is a gas station called Nicosia’s Express Lane.  It has your basics, including some produce, and is a decent place. Otherwise you’ll need to head further north a bit.

If you do not mind taking a 15/20 minute hike then there is a Walmart Neighborhood Market and a Walmart Supercenter in Chalmette.

If you need the higher end sorts of stores there is a Whole Foods in New Orleans proper.



There is a local joint called Charlie’s Restaurant that is a few minutes up the road that is always packed and has great reviews on Google.

In Meraux and Chalmette are your typical restaurants/fast food/etc.  If you are looking for the New Orleans experience of course go into the French Quarter and check out the area around there.  Some restaurants that we have personally been to and can attest to are the Olde N’awlins Cookery (phenomenal crab cakes),  Cafe Beignet (outside seating and usually have some live entertainment), Déjà Vu Restaurant & Bar (24×7 breakfast all day).

For the more adult entertainment around St. Bernard State Park of course the French Quarter is recommended. There are of course tons and tons of bars in the strip.  Some worth a visit include The Alibi (not from Shameless but might as well be!), the Dungeon (this is a dark/goth type of bar but not uncomfortably so), Prohibition (otherwise known as Huge Ass Beers) has a house band that is really great and it’s a decent priced bar as well.

Lastly if you have not ever tried absinthe there is a bar called the Old Absinthe House and they have some great quality absinthe in there and it’s a neat bar as well, definitely would recommend.

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