5 Tips on Staying Healthy in the New Year

I know for many of us, we try to stay healthy throughout the whole year, but somehow when the holidays hit it all goes down the drain, especially when you life the full-time RV lifestyle.  And that’s okay! Don’t let your self-get down and out over eating too many slices of Aunt Velma’s cheesecake or one too many glasses of eggnog. You enjoyed it didn’t you (I sure did)? Now, it is time to move on from the overeating, excess drinking and not exercising from the holidays! I have come up with 5 tips to help us do that.

Tip #1: Replace ‘junk food’ with healthy snacks

The trick to this is to find healthy snacks that YOU ACTUALLY LIKE! For example, I am not a celery and peanut butter kind of person but I do enjoy granola bars. I found a very yummy blueberry bar recipe online and was not disappointed. It’s also a vegan recipe. I am not vegan myself but I do think there are many benefits to the lifestyle! Nick and I accidentally stumbled upon a low-calorie squash that was delicious! The Kabocha squash is only 30 calories per cup! It was a great snack and pretty filling. Find something healthy you enjoy!Stay healthy with Squash!

Tip #2: Find something to keep you active

Don’t get me wrong, I normally try to work out a couple of times during the week, but the way the holiday season is set up … you get where I’m going with this.  For me, it is hard to get back into the grind of working out (especially in this cold weather we are all experiencing!) but it is important to stay active to keep your body healthy. So if you are like me, finding something that feels more leisurely than a work out will help jumpstart the flow! I am going to force myself outside and go for bike rides in our campground. If you wait for the sun to come out, it’s not too bad! For those of you in colder weather, it may be harder to find something that feels less like a workout. But here are some ideas; try doing squats or sit up between commercial breaks or first thing in the morning to get you going! It may seem a bit scary starting your cold morning off to a quick work out but you won’t regret it! It really helps warm up those muscles and get your brain going.

Tip #3 Drink lots of water

This is something my mother taught me and I will carry with me as long as I can. Drinking water regularly is something that many of us don’t do but can really help improve your everyday life. It flushes out toxins, increases energy, improves your skin complexion, and helps promote weight loss. The biggest benefit for me is that it helps me stay away from sugary drinks. For those of you that struggle with drinking water, I found that making cold brew tea helped with the water intake. Two teaspoons of loose leaf tea in one gallon of water with honey to taste (or your choice of sweetener) and let it sit for about 6 hours, filter and refrigerated! It is important to keep the sweetener low, of course. Check out this post regarding.

Tip #4 Meal prep

Planning your meals for the week ahead of time strongly decreased the chance of picking up fast food for lunch or dinner. I have proven this fact! When you pre-plan your meals for the week, there are no more of those ‘Oh my, what shall we ever do for dinner’ moments. What we like to do is pick out three to four meals that we want to cook that week and figure out which nights for each meal and eat the leftovers for the other nights. This works out great for the two of us. If you have a household of more than two people it might take more prep work but worth the work!

Tip #5 Meditate

If you haven’t tried meditation before, don’t knock it till you try it! Meditation allows you to find peacefulness in the day, organize your thoughts, and focus on your goals. There are many apps and youtube tutorials to help you get started. My favorite is the Headspace: Meditation app. It is great for beginners (what I started on). I found it very hard in the beginning to make time for meditation but you’ve got to remember to invest in your self. Make time for YOU. Meditation is a moment of the day that is dedicated to your thoughts, feelings, goals, and ambitions. Think of it as a gift to your self.

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