We have officially completed our road trip test! Before we get on the road next month, we wanted to give Clutch (name of our RV) a little road trip test to make sure things were working the way they should and if any adjustments needed to be made.

We choose to make it a short trip, going from Tampa to Winter Haven where we have some family. It is a straight shot east on I4, a little over an hours drive. We got off to a bit of a ‘cold’ start. The engine was having a hard time starting in the Florida cold (40 degrees). We switched on the battery booster and that was all she needed! Cluth started right away. The trip was smooth but had some pretty winding roads as we got deeper into Winter Haven, but Clutch was a star moving through those small windy roads! We currently do not have a monitor connected to our backup camera so reversing was tricky but with the help of someone on the outside, it was pretty easy.

It is safe to say Clutch passed the test with flying colors and she’s ready for the road! There are still a few more things we want to get done before we start our never-ending road trip, but we off a good start!