Health on the Road – AeroGarden Review


Staying healthy, fit, and active is a challenge in itself under regular circumstances.  Add in the “on the go” style of living full time RV and it becomes easy for your health to take a backseat.  Here at RV smart we not only care about your RV, but also your health.  Having access to fresh herbs and vegetables can play a significant role in the quality of food that you consume.  The best part is you do not even need a green thumb for this solution to be successful!  Let’s get down to this AeroGarden Review and then be sure to check out our Health on the Road category for more healthy tips.

aerogarden review
The AeroGarden Harvest in the grips of growing some fresh herbs.

We picked up the AeroGarden Harvest a few weeks ago and it is a great piece of hydroponic technology.  It includes an app for on the go management, although honestly the app is kind of pointless from my point of view more a cool selling point.  It does let you change the light schedule, turn it on and off, track photos of your garden, and a few other things that could be handy.

One of the awesome things about this product is that it reminds you when to add nutrients, you can adjust the settings depending on the type of plant you are growing, and there are various assortments of pre-packaged pods available as well as the option to grow your own plants!

Be sure to read over the instructions when you pick this one up though.  You will want to learn some basic concepts of growing like pruning and when to clean the AeroGarden. See this online manual here.

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