Choosing the RV Smart Life

How we picked the RV smart life

It’s funny now to look back and wonder why we didn’t think of this sooner! Life on the road makes so much sense for us.

To give you some background, before we met, Nick had lived in five different states and two countries in just five years! So, it’s easy to say he likes to be on the go. I, on the other hand, had lived on the same small island for 20 years, but it was no secret I was ready to get off that rock. Shortly after we met we moved to Tampa so I could complete my education. We’ve been for in Tampa for two years (Yeah, I convinced Nick to settled to down with me 😉). And I completed my degree so there isn’t anything tying us to Tampa, besides our lease which is up in a month (yay).

When we were trying to decide what our next move was going to be, we couldn’t exactly pick one place to settle down. We threw around the idea of city-hopping, finding furnished apartments with month to month leases. It seemed to fit what we wanted, but the price tag on furnished apartments with short leases aren’t too attractive.

One fateful night, involving lots of wine, we somehow came to the conclusion that living in a motorhome was the solution to our problem! We immediately started doing research to see what would be the best fit. We decided a class A diesel was the home for us.

After looking around awhile, we knew we weren’t getting anything too high tech with our budget. Nick works from home so at the very least we knew we needed a way to have high-speed internet. This sparked the idea for RV smart. We want to create a high-tech and efficient way of living on the road!

I hope you enjoy following us on our journey!