RV Internet Issue and the Solution

Given that this is a first post I would normally say introductions are in order, but head over to the “Amy and Nick” button up above there and we can get all of that out of the way without wasting precious space in our Tech blog. Regardless finding a solution for internet on the road is more important than introductions!

A little bit of background is a good start here though; we currently are running a 2001 Safari Zanzibar which, as you can imagine, is a bit lack luster on the included tech. So this blog roll is going to be all about upgrading tech and turning this into a Smart RV so that we can RV Smarter (punny I know).

Now the Motorcoach is not in our possession quite yet (picking it up this week), but that hasn’t stopped me from prepping for this full time living overhaul. The starting point of this project was of course to resolve the lack of consistent internet problem, I work from home so this is pretty important. To hopefully solve this conundrum I started with the following products (these are affiliate links):

2. CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3

The NETGEAR Modem is unlocked and can take a SIM Card from any carrier so next stop after that is the Sprint store.

The RasPi is a bit more on the geeky side of things but I’m going to turn that into our AP/Router. These handy little devices are low profile and very versatile so it will get used for something one way or another.

And finally that NETGEAR 8 port with 4 port POE is a life saver in my industry. I always try to have one of those handy and in this case given it’s low profile it will be perfect for the coach. The POE ports also will be helpful down the road if I decide to install some more cameras and other smart home products.

The next challenge is going to be getting my 55″ Vizio to fit in this thing somehow but that’s a project for another post.

One last thing…

A big welcome to you to this new adventure RV smart! Our goal is to be enlightening and helpful as much as we can.  If anyone has any questions never hesitate to blow up our comment feed or head over to our little “contact” page and go from there.